Dr. Tina Ann McClaire, CPT, FNS is an Atlanta-based Ph.D. psychologist, health psychologist, certified personal trainer and certified nutritional specialist who treats the whole person to the mental, physical, and social recovery.


As the founder of My PureLife Doctor, Dr. McClaire treats patients, sometimes specific to females and other to, say, golfers-the most unlikely trainee, with a comprehensive listening, balanced approach to therapy that includes the clinical analysis of their habits and lifestyle; and the addressing of their complex life issues via a proprietary three-pronged approach, which combines mental health and social counseling, physical fitness, and nutritional therapy.


Dr. McClaire holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, specialization in Health Psychology, a B.S in Philosophy, a certified nutrition specialist, personal trainer, and golf fitness specialist. She is married, and the mother of three teenage girls, and has a practiced a lifelong commitment to the study and treatment of systemic emotional, physical, and social health and status of women.

Health Psychology is a specialization of psychology that focuses on how

mental, physical, and social factors affect a person's total well-being. 

Advancing psychology to benefit society and improve people’s lives.

Society for Health Psychology seeks to advance contributions of psychology to the understanding of health and illness through basic and clinical research, education and service activities and encourages the integration of biomedical information about health and illness with current psychological knowledge. The division has a nursing and health group and special interest groups in aging, women, and minority health issues. The division publishes the monthly journal Health Psychology and the quarterly newsletter The Health Psychologist.

My PureLife Doctor Clinic Checklist - Ask Yourself These Questions:


1. Mental, Are you a new mother/father going back to work... have to adjust to a new role in your life as a parent, career executive or spouse? Struggling to create a balance between your new roles can prove both exhausting and frustrating. Or, past experiences are holding you back from your well-deserved, birthright of happiness - every day enjoyment?


2. Physical, How do I become physically active after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. pre-diabetes or recent surgery. I have a demanding career--how can I find the time to get the exercise my doctor says I need, on a consistent basis? 


3. Nutritional, How do I change my eating habits after 46 years? How can I healthily dedicate myself to family time, by eating frequent meals with my loved ones, when I have a challenging career, kids who need to eat a certain amount of calories for their own well-being, and a spouse who seems to be able to eat whatever they wish and not gain a pound?


4. Social, Life is ever changing from inner-self to relationships. I have been married for 25 years-now find myself widowed/divorced -- how do I adjust to being single?  I love my fiancé, but I have been single for 40 years... I'm not certain I'm in a committed relationship, or if I'm still happy with our arrangement.  I just want to come out of the closet be it gender or to find my real self. 

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