MENTAL WHOLENESS:  As Your PureLife Doctor

We will begin your journey towards mental wholeness.

  • Together, we solve problems and create environments which support your mental health. 

  • If you are struggling with anxiety or panic issues understanding your role with family, associates, and friends, trying to understand your marriage, divorce, parental skills, occupational stress, or your own individual development:


I, as your PureLife Doctor, can put stressors into perspective

and determine healthy, productive life-balance.


  • Roles can include being a parent, spouse, caregiver, sibling, friend, confidant, lover, and associate. We love and care for others, from our family members to neighbors.

  • We make many sacrifices for their happiness and well-being.  


Have you ever sat back and asked, "Why do we make these sacrifices?" 


Regardless of why we make time for others, the most important question is:  "Do we make time for ourselves?"  


THIS has to change:  Many of us would answer sadly, “No, I don’t take time out of my day

for myself. I'm too busy."


We must take time for ourselves, eat healthily, exercise, engage with our friends,

go on dates with our significant other, read a book, and smell the flowers.


Doing or not doing so affects every aspect of our lives! 


The first step is understanding the importance of taking care of you!




I just want to share this with any women who need someone to talk to. Whether its postpartum things, silencing ghosts of your past that haunt you, wanting to empower yourself or whatever. Dr. Tina has been helping me navigate through being a new mother which has lead to other benefits in my soul's journey. I highly recommend her.  





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