Let us work together and create a balanced life. 

I listen to your needs and current life commitments so that together we will develop meal plans, recipes, and an eating program, which supports your work, home, and social lifestyle.


How would you describe your relationship with food? 

Very often, as a psychologist, I find that food represents something other than itself.

Food takes on replacement of facing an emotion - such as an issue that delves far back.

If this is the case, we can discuss adding mental counseling, so that you can become free to make the choices you would otherwise choose.


Personally, I do not use nor speak the word "diet."  

You and I will discuss and understand how healthy foods enrich our lives,

our quality of life, and our mental and physical health. 


We will work together towards including healthy meals into your life,

developing a healthy relationship with food,

and a better understanding behind the need to create

balance between food and your life balance and style.


MyPureLifeDr introduces the nutritional forum where adults come together

to discuss the love for healthy foods!


Each session is developed with you in mind. I start with slow progression

by holding your hand in the beginning, only if necessary.  

Currently, one-third of adults are obese in the United States according to 2011-2012

estimates from the

Journal of the American Medical Association 



 So many times women try to lose weight and some have success, 

but a high percentage gains the weight back. "Why? We followed the diets…

cutting out carbs, sugar, or using the latest fad diet?" we ask ourselves. 


Do you remember the cabbage soup diet, the California diet, Atkins diet, Paleo diet, juicing, gluten free, Mediterranean diet, and raw foods diet?


How many of us can attest to trying one or more of the diets listed?  There is a problem! 

          More importantly, there is a solution that is right for you to

become whole, perfect and complete.


© 2017 by Dr. Tina Ann McClaire