Yesterday, I attended and spoke at the Women's health expo! The speakers at this event shared their past struggles and blessed the audience with their new found strengths!

I was humbled by their stories and decided to write this blog for them. As women, we are born with such strengths, yet at times we feel so much pain. Pain that comes from sacrifice, sacrifice from within and the sacrifices we endure for those we love; children, parents, friends, sister friends.

It is because of this enduring strength that we are able to wake up each morning and DO!

We do for our all the people that we love, the things we need to do and then one day, we awaken to the understanding that to be truly present not only for ourselves but for all those we love and the tasks that we must accomplish, FIRST, we must take care of ourselves.

My sisters, daughters, sister friends, friends, colleagues please find each other and bless each other with your strengths. Lean on each other (when possible), support and love each other, care and have empathy towards each other and most of all towards yourselves.

As Women we are the foundations of our families and as a result I know that we can lose ourselves while blessing our families.

I pray that we start to reinvest in ourselves; Loving ourselves more; feeding our minds and bodies with healthy words and nutrients. Move more and enjoy the movement of our bodies. Forgive what we cannot change.

Let us now nourish our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit, with the strengths we were each born with.

Let us each achieve My PureLife!

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